As curly girls, we should not use traditional towels on our curly locks. Why? You ask. Because our super sensitive, often dry and let’s just call it fuzzy hair won’t look its best with our cuticles ruffled. Ruffled cuticles lead to tangles and frizz leaving frustration and angst in their wake. Where does this leave us? Either we are stuck drip drying our hair (neither comfortable nor time-efficient) or concocting our very own “creative” methods to dry our curls in the most frizz-friendly way possible. For this very reason, CURL-ease™, the only towel for girls with curls, was designed. Whether your hair is short, long, permed, loose waves or corkscrew curls, this towel works wonders. Extra time, prettier hair and no frizz? You’ll never look back!

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