Armed with extensive research and a proprietary design, CURL-ease™, the only towel for girls with curls, has been tested, tweaked and tested again to create the perfect solution for curly girls.  This ultra thin, extremely absorbent towel dries your hair in a fraction of the time it takes to air dry curly hair.  It also sets curls beautifully.  CURL-ease™ wicks water from your hair without stripping moisture-deprived curls.  Lightweight, user friendly and most importantly, effective, CURL-ease™ makes balancing a towel on your head a reality.  You can get dressed, make breakfast and put on your “face” while your hair dries naturally.  Washing your hair no longer becomes a chore – you’ll have to start thinking of new excuses to skip the gym!

Each towel measures 26 x 52 inches and is made of 100% cotton. The towel is now made in the U.S.A.! We worked long and hard to make it happen and are incredibly proud to be an American manufacturer.  Because we don’t want to add another chore to your list of things to do, the towels were also created to be super easy to take care of – just wash and dry with like colors.  The more you wash and dry your towel it becomes even more absorbent as the cotton fibers loosen.  Do not chlorine bleach.  There are some studies that suggest using fabric softener can decrease the absorbency of fabrics and break fabrics down quicker.  Duly noted.  Here at CURL-ease™ we love the way our fabric softener makes the towel smell!  Yum!  So the choice on that one is yours.

CURL-ease™ was founded in 2005 to solve the problem of drying curly hair with minimal disturbance and maximum results.  The towels started with just one color, white.  A pink towel was introduced in 2006 and in 2010, we added a chocolate brown towel to our mix.  We also moved our manufacturing from overseas to the United States and continue to research and develop additional products to assist curly girls worldwide!  With tens of thousands of towels sold and satisfied customers from California to Germany to Singapore, we look forward to the challenge of providing customers with additional solutions for curly girls around the world!

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