Our biggest weakness is well…tooting our own curl. However, we do understand it is a necessary evil for our goal of getting every curly girl out there to heart CURL-ease™! See what some of our CURL-ease™ girls have to say.

I am huge fan! Not only does the towel allow me to keep my curls, but it also has cut my drying time significantly (I have very thick hair). Thanks for a great product!
Susan | New York, NY

I received your Curl-ease™ towel on Monday & immediately used it the following morning. I think you have a fantastic product on your hands! I have very thick, corkscrew curls and I wrapped my hair in the towel for approximately 25 minutes. My hair was almost dry & I then proceeded in applying my hair products. It took about an hour afterwards to dry thoroughly – much faster than regular towel drying. The fact that my hair was shiny, frizz-free & gorgeous made my day! I had beautiful hair for 2 days, which is an accomplishment. I’m very satisfied with this purchase. Thank you!
Aura | Brooklyn, NY

I really like the towel, its stays perfectly on top of my head for an hour or so after I first wash and gel my hair. I like the texture – and it is definitely more convenient to have something light on my head. I think the size is good, and the packaging was adorable, as is the web site. I am certainly satisfied with the product.
Ashley | Port Charlotte, Florida

I found your product to be quite effective and helpful. I see a great improvement when I use CURL-ease™. And the longer I leave it on, the better my hair looks. I even brought it to my hair stylist and wore it under the dryer after he colored my hair! Thank you.
Nancy | San Francisco, CA

I just re-ordered my CURL-ease™ since I lost it on a trip I just took overseas. I didn’t want to travel without it! Even though I started relaxing my hair, I still find that using it makes blow-drying my hair go twice as fast and keeps it in such great condition. Thanks for such a great product!
Debbie | Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to share with you the e-mail I sent out to about 50 members of my family & friends, you product rocks!

Hello Ladies,

I wanted to share a beauty secret that has changed my life, no joke. Okay, I realize that’s a bit dramatic, but I am in love with this product & I wanted to share it with all of you. I am always willing to try new products to tame my crazy mane & for $20 bucks I figured what the heck. For those of you with curly hair, you know we always swap product stories so here’s one I want to share with you www.curlease.com.

It is a thin towel that has a wick effect (much like running gear) that pulls the moisture away from your hair locking out frizz. My curls have taken on a whole new texture by using this towel-no joke. People who see me every day have even noticed. This towel rocks! Please try it if you have curls or want to get rid of frizz. If not, share with the women in your life that do.
Bridget | Chicago, IL

I love this towel. I have very long and thick hair. Finding a towel to wrap my hair in is very hard. Regular towel are to bulky and heavy and the Micro Fiber towels are too small. Your CURL-ease™ towel is long and that’s one thing I love about it. I can leave it on my head longer and it dries faster. I’ve also have less halo frizz. I’m sold on this. Thanks,
Renee | Los Angeles, CA

I’m Janice from SF and i have shoulder length curly hair. I like to put my styling product in my hair and then wrap my hair in the CURL-ease™ towel while I finish getting ready…by the time I’m ready to go out my hair is almost dry and my curls are set. The product is so simple, but it works really well for me!

Well, I’ve been experimenting with my entire hair routine and I have more info (I know you’ve been on the edge of your seat, right?). Ok, here goes: There is a definite difference when I use your towel ! I’ve also switched my products around and have had a consistent week of pretty good hair days. I don’t want to say really good days because I may jinx myself!!

I use the product after every shower and it has definitely helped reduce frizz. I love it!

Just wanted to let you know that I love the CURL-ease™ towel. It is such a pleasure to wrap the CURL-ease™ around my hair, go to sleep, and wake up with frizz free curls! Thanks!
Brett Jacqueline

This is a great item! It works better than the microfiber towel, and is smooth texture so it won’t ruffle cuticles. I have curly hair, so this is important. Thanks!
Shonta | Los Altos, CA

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